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Lamixtura is the mix of Amaia and Silvia. Two pharmacists. Two galenic science enthusiasts. Two women whose goal is to find the best skincare solutions.

Pharmacists with a passion for Galenic science, students of skin physiology and inexhaustible evaluators of cosmetic ingredients, we have dedicated our entire professional lives to the science of skin care: dermocosmetics.

In our continuous search for the most effective ingredients, we kept coming back to one constant, recurring factor in our observations: the origin. It follows that the ingredients we selected for their effectiveness were, for the most part, of natural origin.

Passion fruit seed oil, acacia peptides…the deeper we went – and we don’t take research and development lightly – the more convinced we were of the effectiveness of these valuable ingredients. We were increasingly faced with the question:

“What if we used all of the research and development knowledge we’ve gathered over the years to develop natural formulas?”

Combining nature and science – formulating effective dermo-cosmetics with natural ingredients. We had found our inspiration!

The time had come to create Lamixtura and focus all our energy and expertise as formulators on developing our own unique product. To offer a combination of delicate aromas and exceptional textures that help you reconnect with skin care in a a natural way.

We live in complicated, constantly changing times with relentless, fast paced lives. At the same time, now more than ever we have a need for moments of rest – little oases of peace – so as not to lose ourselves. We often look for this calmness in nature: feeling the change of the seasons or appreciating a marigold on the edge of a forest path are subtle, little things that help us to find this inner peace.

With Lamixtura we want to convey a vision of calm, a return to nature. We want our natural and environmentally conscious recipes to give you moments to pamper yourself, do something good for your skin and just switch off.

Lamixtura has only been around since 2020, but our formulations are the result of years of cosmetic research. We have selected, evaluated and emulsified each of our ingredients until we have designed the best dermocosmetic formulas with 100% natural ingredients.