Advanced natural dermocosmetics that
adapts to the needs of your skin.

Our range of products is based on a Galenic work capable of rebalancing all the states of your skin, always formulating with the most effective 100% natural active ingredients and achieving exceptional sensoriality.

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Showing all 6 results

Seriously effective

Lamixtura works. And not just because we say so. All our products are backed by dermocosmetic studies.

We believe in what we do. We’ve spent our entire life in lab coats. We’re dedicated to dermocosmetics.

Our formulas work because we do – hard.

Advanced Natural Dermocosmetics

Formulas 100% of natural origin and vegan.

Certified by the official body Bioinspecta.

Proven efficacy in dermocosmetic studies.

Brand founded by expert women in dermocosmetic R&D.

We do not perform tests on animals. And we believe that no cosmetic brand should.

99.95% palm oil free. Committed to sustainability

Lamixtura dermocosmética natural y vegana. Alta cosmética natural.

Lamixtura connects science with nature and creates advanced natural dermocosmetics: innovative, effective and using only ingredients from 100% natural origin. Because, to really move forward, we have to go back to the source.

They talk about Lamixtura

«Canvas Cream®, a must for beauty routines that seek results.»

What are people saying about our Canvas Cream®?


"It's fantastic! Mixing the canvas cream with a booster is the perfect addition to my nightly skin-care routine."


"It absorbs quickly and leaves the skin feeling calm and relaxed. 100% reccommended."

Lamixtura Ritual

Lamixtura was born to be mixed. Create your own personalized mixture.

Get to know us

We're women of science. Read about our story here.