Lamixtura Tips

‘Blend-it-yourself’ – Create your personal cosmetics

Skin types are not static. Our range of mixable products allows you to create bespoke rituals that maximize results and adapt your cosmetic treatment to your unique and changing needs.

Consider one or several of these combinations to create your very own and perfect mixture.

Nourish and glow

One pump of Reparative Beauty Booster will transform the texture of your Canvas Cream ® into a nourishing concentrate that will re-densify and intensely repair your skin.

Lamixtura TIPS

Use morning and evening in dry and very dry or aged skin.

For an overnight glow effect, apply this mixture occasionally in the evening. Wake up to luminous and revitalized skin.

Balance and soothe

S.O.S. Skin Calming Booster + Canvas Cream ® is the mixture for sensitive and fragile skin. Use morning and night to get your skin back on track.

Redness, skin discomfort, dermatitis… you need a re-balancing treatment that will soothe and protect your skin and relieve irritation.

Lamixtura TIPPS

Mix the Canvas Cream ® in the morning and evening with the Skin Calming Booster to care for sensitive and / or brittle skin.

Stress, pollution, prolonged sun exposure… these things can also cause sensitivity in normal skin. This mixture will boost your natural defences and re-balance your skin.

Hydrate and refresh

Start your day with visibly hydrated skin. The duo Canvas Cream ® + All Day Long Moisturizing Boosterwill provide deep hydration in a light and refreshing texture. Feel the effect all day long.

Lamixtura TIPS

Mix the Canvas Cream ® with the All Day Long Moisturizing Booster morning and evening to moisturize, creating smooth and soft skin.

In low humidity conditions, the rate of water evaporating through our skin is dramatically increased. The combination of Hyaluronic Acid and Acacia Peptides in this serum will protect your skin from dehydration!