The niche brand of natural cosmetics that encompasses nature and science.

dermocosmética natural

Personalize your daily skincare routine.

Our range of blend it yourself products allows you to create your own / bespoke beauty rituals. The mixable products maximize results and personalize your cosmetic treatment.

How to use Lamixtura.

Select the booster that best adapts to the needs of your skin, mix it with Canvas Cream and maximize results!

1. Add a pump of Lamixtura Beauty Booster to Lamixtura Canvas Cream®

2. Mix it!

3. Massage gently on your skin.

Extra-ordinary skincare, luxury for your senses.

We meticulously select the best natural ingredients to design sophisticated formulations of extraordinary efficacy and superior texture.

Sustainable and eco-responsible cosmetics.

Lamixtura is formulated with COSMOS certified 100% natural origin ingredients. Sustainable and eco-friendly vegan formulations. Not tested on animals.

Natural dermocosmetics

Dermo-cosmetic effectiveness and safety formulated with the best ingredients offered by nature. All our products have been dermatologicaly tested.

Here at Lamixtura we prefer to talk about the ingredients within our formulation than ingredients we are ‘free from’

We are very proud of our ingredients.

Organic sesame oil unsaponifiables, cold-pressed avocado oil, maracuja virgin oil, cupuaçú butter, stevia oil extracts, organic cork-oak extract, acacia peptides, organic fig extract, organic red berry water…

All of these things are a part of the Lamixtura universe, which we hope to share with you very soon.