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In accordance with the obligations provided for in Law 34/2002, on services of the Information Society and electronic commerce (hereinafter LSSIYCE), states that the domain is owned by SKIN ANTIDOTE SL, with CIF B67470757 and domicile at C / BALMES, 245 (4º-3º) 8006 Barcelona (Barcelona).

In any case, access to by any Internet user implies acceptance and compliance with these Terms of Use (“TU”) and any other particular condition of the product or service offered by which, prior to accessing and / or using such content, the user must carefully read the TU.

There are different ways in which your personal or commercial data can be included in our file, and therefore different purposes and uses of your data in the future, always with your consent:

Contact form: If you give your consent before submitting the consultation or contact form, your data will be included in our file and will be used to provide you with any kind of information about LA MIXTURA SKINCARE (advertising, new products, offers, subscriptions, promotions, company information …) from now on, GENERAL INFORMATION.

Subscription: If you enter your email in the subscription field (clearly marked), your data will become part of our file and the purpose is to send you GENERAL INFORMATION about La Mixtura Skincare.

Registration: If you give your consent before sending the registration form, your data will be included in our file and will be used to identify you for future access using the assigned keys and to send you GENERAL INFORMATION about LA MIXTURA SKINCARE.

You can contact at any time to correct your preferences regarding the information to be obtained or your desire not to receive any information, or to change your personal data/the address to which the information is sent.

Sending e-mail to or by mail for changes in data, registration or cancellation will require identification.

In order to benefit from the status of the REGISTERED USER, it is always necessary to include your data in our file, with the primary aim of identifying YOU through your personal access codes. You are free to agree to receive GENERAL OR OTHER INFORMATION.

This means:

If you have registered and / or subscribed or given your consent in one of the existing contact forms on, your data will become part of an automated file that is the property of SKIN ANTIDOTE S.L. with registered office at 245 Balmes Street, 4º3ª 08006 Barcelona (Spain), to identify you as a user in the event of registration, to keep you up to date in the event of a subscription and to send you commercial information. In any case, provided that you have given your consent to receive this type of information. You can exercise your rights of objection, access, correction and deletion in accordance with the provisions of the LOPD by email to or by normal mail to the above address.

If your information has been collected for the use of an information service that does not require registration or subscription and you have not given your consent to receive information about LA MIXTURA SKINCARE promotions and news in the future, it will be deleted as soon as the requested advice or Information is resolved, ie they are not stored in our database.


a). – Via social networks

We may collect your information about your user profile on the social networks we use from the La Mixtura Skincare profile, which is described in detail in section 9 of this policy.

b). – Via our company email

Via our e-mail: you can write to us and / or request the information that you deem necessary to clarify the doubts regarding our services or products or the operation of our website.

c). – Via the “Contact” section.

In the form to be completed when inquiring about this section, the user must fill in the fields provided in which the full name, telephone number, email address and the request to be made must be given.

d). – By subscribing to the newsletter

To subscribe to the La Mixtura Skincare newsletter, the user must fill in the field asking for the email address to which the newsletter should be sent

2.- Purpose

The purpose of data collection in all the sections mentioned in the previous point is to maintain direct and personal contact with our users. In this way, we use your data to answer the doubts or information you request, to manage your requests and to guarantee an experience that respects the highest standards.

We can also use your data for advertising and marketing purposes if you expressly agree at this time.

We use the email from which you write to our company mail to send you information about the doubts or concerns you have expressed.

Under no circumstances will you receive information from third parties without first informing you and asking for your express consent to ensure compliance with the parameters of European regulations.


La Mixtura Skincare informs its users that the personal data they provide will be processed for the purposes set out in point 1, which are the following in detail:

  1. To answer and resolve the requests or doubts requested by users
  2. Billing of purchases made
  3. To inform about news that we can include in the La Mixtura Skincare platform.
  4. Send information that is of interest to the user
  5. Notification of advertising contracts signed by La Mixtura Skincare with cooperating companies, professionals and / or associations in order to offer website users certain functions that correspond to those already acquired with the company.
  6. To allow access to the options that require registration, the user must meet the special conditions that are set.

To inform you of your data about the following: (i) Your data will not be used for purposes other than to carry out the processing to which you expressly consented at the time or for the purposes that we have set out in this policy; (ii) all of this information is stored on a separate secure server.

To warn you that the information you provide through the website discloses your nationality, ethnicity, gender, age, or other aspects of your private life, or allows others to depend on your nationality, ethnicity, gender, your age group or other aspects of your private life. By making this information available on our platform on a completely voluntary basis, the user expressly and voluntarily accepts this policy for the protection of privacy and personal data.


As stated in the previous points, La Mixtura Skincare will not share user data with third parties. If you wish, you will be informed in advance and asked for your consent.


In accordance with the requirements of the European Data Protection Regulation 679/2016 and in accordance with our internal guidelines, you must give your express consent each time you send us personal data by clicking on the box at the bottom of each form in which your Data is collected, or if you write to our contact email address or another email address that is activated for certain functions of the platform, you expressly accept that we can process your data for the purpose you have specified or may enter the request you specified. With the campaign (s) you freely and unequivocally agree that La Mixtura Skincare may process your data for the purposes mentioned in the previous sections.

The consent of the user that his data will be processed for the purposes stated in this directive can be revoked at any time and without retroactive effect in accordance with the provisions of the applicable legislation.

La aceptación del Usuario de que sus datos sean tratados con los fines referidos en esta política establecidos tiene siempre carácter revocable, sin efectos retroactivos, conforme a lo dispuesto en la legislación vigente.


Personal data will be kept for a period of 10 years in accordance with the applicable regulations.


The European Data Protection Regulation 679/2016 has implemented a number of legal guarantees that allow users to exercise rights and actions in connection with the processing of their data.

La Mixtura Skincare offers you this legal guarantee, which means that you can exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation, objection, portability and obligation at any time and / or if you deem appropriate by contacting the email we have provided for this purpose: or by sending us an application by mail to c / Balmes 245, 4º3ª, 08006, Barcelona (Spain); in both cases, attach a copy of your passport or your DNI (owner of the data) and indicate the desired request in the subject line: access, correction, deletion, objection, portability or forgetfulness.

However, it is important that you as a user are aware that information that you have given to users in any form may still be visible and that La Mixtura Skincare is not responsible for any liability related to the deletion of this information.

Likewise, the company does not control the system for renewing third party search mechanisms, and these mechanisms may include certain information from the public profile that has been terminated by La Mixtura Skincare, but can still be found on the Internet due to its new appearance. In this case, we recommend that you contact those responsible for these platforms to request termination or exercise of the right to be forgotten.

We briefly explain what each of the rights you can exercise are:

AccessBy exercising this right, you can find out which of your personal data are processed by the company; their purpose, their origin or their possible disclosure to third parties
RectificationThis is to say you can modify your personal data that are inaccurate or incomplete, and you must specify in the request what data you want to be modified
Limitation of TreatmentYou can request a restriction of your personal data
ObjectionYou have the right to oppose the processing of your data if, e.g. is advertising and commercial prospection or if the purpose of this processing is to receive a decision concerning you which is based solely on the automated processing of your personal data.
PortabilityYou can receive your personal information in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format and transfer it to another manager if technically possible.
Suppression or forgetfulnessYou can request the immediate deletion of your personal data if one of the above events occurs. For example, illegal data processing or when the purpose for which the data was processed or collected has disappeared
Submit a complaint to the supervisory authorityThe user has the right to lodge a complaint with the competent data protection authority (Spanish data protection authority) if he believes that his rights have been violated.
Withdrawal of consentRight to withdraw consent at any time, without prejudice to the lawfulness of processing based on consent before the withdrawal.

It should be remembered that according to the provisions of the data protection regulations, when exercising the right to erasure of your data in our system, access to your data is blocked, which is permitted according to the aforementioned provisions. In this way they are completely eliminated by us and in our systems in a visible way, but at the same time they are saved for the time in which it is legally required, although completely limited; and in the event that they could be accessible if a court order so provided.


As already mentioned in the legal information, you as a user of our platform must be of legal age, i.e. You must be over 18 years old.


In order to guarantee the security of our website, we have integrated a security system that enables us to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of our users’ data sent or collected using the means mentioned in the first point.

In this way, La Mixtura Skincare maintains the security level of data protection required by the European data protection regulation 679/2016 of April 27th and provides all technical means to prevent the loss, misuse, modification, unauthorized access and theft of the data to prevent users from providing data via the platform.

In addition, as a user of our website, you understand and accept that the security measures on the Internet are not insurmountable and that you are therefore obliged to take the necessary security measures that enable you to be truthful about the web on which you are entering your data trust. We will also do our best to ensure the protection and security of your identification data at all times, always taking the greatest possible care and taking the necessary measures.

La Mixtura Skincare is not liable for situations in which the user has not implemented the appropriate security measures, nor for their consequences, nor for causes or damage caused by third parties outside the company, including accidental cases and / or acts of God.

In accordance with the above, the company cannot guarantee that unauthorized third parties will be aware of the type, conditions, features and circumstances of the use of the services offered on the platform by users. As a measure, however, the terms of use have been set out in our legal notice and terms and conditions.


La Mixtura Skincare has a company profile on the social networks Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and Woocommerce. According to the provisions of the European data protection regulation 679/2016, the company is “responsible for the processing of your data”, since these profiles exist on social networks and we can track and track them.

This means that if you choose to follow our company profile as a follower or if you “like” our content or profile, you accept this policy, in which we declare your rights and the use of your data.

As the person responsible for the processing of your data, we guarantee the confidentiality of the processing and the fulfillment of your rights, always under the effects of the above-mentioned regulation.

In addition, we inform you that we will use these social networks to publish relevant news or information on the products we sell or on topics that we consider interesting for you. If you use the functionality of these platforms, you can receive messages with this type of information on your wall or profile.

However, we also inform you that there is no connection between La Mixtura Skincare and these platforms or social networks, so you accept their policies and terms of use as soon as you access them and / or their notices, terms and conditions as part of the registration process, and you are not responsible for the use or processing of your data outside of the strict relationship and provision of the services specified in this policy.


La Mixtura Skincare uses third party cookies to track and improve certain features and services. To consult our policy on this, click here


La Mixtura Skincare reserves the right to change current policies to adapt to future developments in legislation or jurisdiction, as well as future uses that it plans to make from the personal data of users of the website. If this change affects you in relation to the processing of your data, e.g. because additional processing of the same should be carried out without prior information, we will inform you of this.

It is recommended that the user always read the website’s privacy policy each time they access the website.


In accordance with everything that is expressed in this data protection declaration, the user accepts the following data processing:

13.1. As a follower on social networks

Treatment for the purpose of managing and publishing content or information that may appear on their profiles or walls that are associated with our company or partners and that we believe may be of interest

13.2 As a visitor and / or person requesting information

The treatment for the purpose of assisting you with the inquiries or consultations you have brought to us through the channels that we have in our platform and that are already mentioned in the present policy.

13.3 As the recipient of the newsletter

Treatment for the purpose of sending information that we believe may be of interest to you about company news, and content that we believe may be of interest to you.

Treatment for subscribing to our newsletter, blogs and sending other types of corporate and / or commercial communications.

13.4 As a registered user

If you have registered on our platform to make a purchase, either by registering on that platform or by providing your data as a guest, you also accept the processing of your data for these purposes, subject to the provisions of our policy.