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Science that cares

Science is essential to understand the world around us and learn how to respect it. From our skin
to our environment.
Lamixtura connects science with nature and creates advanced natural dermocosmetics: innovative, effective and using only ingredients from 100% natural origin.
To really move forward, we need to go back to our origins.

Seriously effective

Lamixtura works. And not just because we say so. All our products are backed by dermocosmetic studies.

We use high-tech ingredients of natural origin, obtained through innovative concentration processes, such as molecular distillation of oils and eco-friendly oil extractions, that potentiate the effectiveness of our natural oils.
We work with powerful antioxidant complexes and three-dimensional matrixes that act as a second skin and protect against pollution. We stabilize our boosters through sustainable gelification processes in order to enhance their effectiveness.

Cytokine Balance, Water Lock, All Skin Types and Collagen Boost are the concepts tested in the efficacy studies that we designed at Lamixtura. Our formulas work because we do – hard.

Our work in the lab is: 100% science-based. 100% natural ingredients. 100% Green Tech.

Four products
Multiple solutions

Lamixtura was born to be mixed.
Different skin issues arise at different moments, and with each type of skin. By mixing our products, they adapt to your skin and not the other way around.

How to use Lamixtura.

Select the booster that best adapts to the needs of your skin, mix it with Canvas Cream and maximize results!

1. Add a pump of Lamixtura Beauty Booster to Lamixtura Canvas Cream®

2. Mix it!

3. Massage gently on your skin.

Delicate skincare

Our skin deserves to be treated with maximum respect. Pleasant textures and subtle scents should be part of the
finest skincare rituals.
Lamixtura is eco-luxury skincare: sublime formulations of superior scents and textures.

Eco-friendly and sustainable

We care about your skin and our planet. Our ingredients, manufacturing processes, packaging materials and our communication are respectful of strict environmental standards.
Lamixtura is certified natural by Bioinspecta, in order to guarantee the sustainability and natural composition of our formulas.